The 6th  National Conference of SOBSI

will be organized At 

L.L.R.M Medical College


(16-19 November,2016)



About SBSI

The Society of Medical Scientists of India (SMSI) was created as a single minded determination of its first President Prof. (Dr.) Shashank Tyagi in year 2009.In fact the idea of publication of Journal Of Advance Researches in Biological Sciences was conceived in a meeting of the faculty of Biochemistry at Muzaffarnagar Medical College. Teachers emphasized on the problems of publication of their research outcome and the negative attitude of some of Indian Journals. Therefore all gave the responsibility to Dr.Shashank Tyagi to start a new one and get it Indexed and approved by Medical Council of India. The Journal of Advance Researches in Biological Sciences is a biannual indexed publication, indexed by Index Copernicus and Medical Teachers those have been promoted on the basis of their publications in JARBS are also approved by Medical Council of India.
The Society of Medical Scientists of India (SMSI) was created under Section 3 (18) of SBSI-A Trust and made as the Parent Body of JARBS in a meeting of Trust on 18th June, 2009.The Objects and Functions of SMSI are approved by the Trust under given here as the Constitution.